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Complete Auto Glass Care in Orange County, California

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At NGM Auto Glass, our professional service is not limited to front windshields; it also extends to car windows and rear windshields. Our experts know that your safety depends on every glass component of the vehicle, which is why we provide all the glass services you could possibly need to keep you safe when disaster strikes.

Car Window Replacement

Windshields are not the only glass surfaces prone to damage on a vehicle. A broken car window could make you susceptible to theft. It could also leave you at the mercy of adverse weather. Even if you tape up your window, this doesn’t protect your valuables. When your windows are damaged in an accident or other unfortunate situation, allow NGM Auto Glass to get you back on the road with fast car window replacement services.

What We Do

When one or more of your car windows are smashed, there are a number of things we will do when you bring your vehicle in. First, we will carefully inspect the damage and remove the door panel to access the glass that remains. Any debris will be thoroughly vacuumed and removed from the vehicle, after which we will safely and properly insert a new window.
Following the window replacement, our careful and attentive servicemen perform tests to ensure that the window functions properly. Then they’ll replace the door panel. Each service is complete with a glass cleaning and is meant to be free of worry and stress.

Stop by Our Shop

NGM Auto Glass is available around the clock to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We’re happy to accommodate your busy schedule. Call us today at 562-261-5869 or stop by to receive your free estimate or speak with one of our technicians about scheduling your window replacement. We will treat your service as an urgent matter.